The battle for Earth is at hand.

“Long dead seers of human ancestry predicted that the ‘End of Man’ will happen during a winter solstice in 2012, assuming it meant ending their existence. That would only be a blessing to their current standing.”
-Megami Avarice

It has been a few years since the Mythical Folk invaded Earth during the winter in 2012, when ‘The Veil’ was at it’s thinnest. Creatures of all various pantheons and lore forged and alliance to take back the middle plane, Earth (Mother Gaia), from Man. It has been several centuries since they were driven out. Either by prejudice or lack of faith; Man had developed tools to ‘help’ the lesser knowledgeable castes of their society on ridding their selves of the Mythical Folk. Religion, fear, and tyranny.

The Dragon Aspects thus created a separate plane of existence, spiriting away themselves and the Mythical Folk from Man, nick naming it ‘Sanctuary’. Even though they were on a different dimension, this did not mean they stop watching over Man’s progression through out the years. Saddened, and infuriated by Man’s audacity, a few of the denizens created a resistance promoting ideas of taking back their homeland. Others fought these ideas, they stubbornly believe that they would rather stay in the Sanctuary, that was already free of Man.

These two feuding parties started making unnecessary waves with one another so badly, that the Dragon Aspects had to intervene, to quell their passions. The Dragon Aspects too, felt the longing to be back in their homeland. Much to the one party’s dismay, the Dragon Aspects did believe that they would have to reclaim Earth, at some point of time before Nature was thrown more out of balance than it already is. The Old Ones, creators of the Dragon Aspects and universes and everything else contained in these universes, had already pressed them to do so, but it will be on the Dragon’s terms when the war is finally waged.

Current Earth Today

After a lapse of time when the war was over and the population of Man decreased significantly, the Dragon Aspects made a decree, that the lives of Man will not be extinguished. Until they can figure out where Man’s place will be after Earth is put back in balance, and the Mythical Folk have adjusted themselves into societies. They had placed numerous concentration camps to ensure Man’s protection, and to also kept a close eye on them. This, however, still did not prevent all abusive racism towards Man from the other races, even if it’s outlawed. Man’s Science and Technology has also been outlawed. An order was issued out to have all existing Technologies destroyed including modernized weapons, armor, computers, etc.


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