A succubus bound to the will of Drow Wizard


Eldonna’s life was typical of most Succubi. Having been formed from the corrupted soul of a mortal long forgotten, she slowly worked her way up, or down from other points of view, the hierarchy of demons. She spent most of her time manipulating not only mortal souls, but demon souls as well. Her life became atypical when she was summoned by a drow wizard named [].

Like many wizards who consorted with demons he wanted power. Unlike other wizards, [] was unwilling to trade anything more than absolutely necessary for what he wanted. [] saw all beings as tools for his use, and treated all that way. []’s latest plot required that he have a bodyguard of immense power, but bound to few rules besides his own. He saw the solution in the creation of a hybrid demon. One made from both demon and mortal souls.

Being particularly cruel and frugal, instead of experimenting one beings to combined them, he instead resorted to far more primal methods. Until that day, Eldonna could not have believed that a demon, much less a succubus, could be raped. She found that out many times over, until the desired result was confirmed. Unfortunately the desired result was not limited to the presence of life with her womb. The possible potentials needed to be tested, the potential failures aborted. Eldonna lost count of the number of cycles she endured before [] allowed her to keep one child. By then something else had been long pregnant within her. A deep seated contempt for []. She would give birth to a son that was both demon and mortal, succubus and drow, but the son would never be []’s.

[] unfortunately foresaw the potential for betrayal, as many drow males do. She would need to be kept help raise the child, for he was not about to spend any gold one a nanny when a demon who did not need to be fed, nor paid, who could be bound to his will was already present. Eldonna spent two centuries bound to []’s will, raising her son Draeken. Having spent an almost undefinable time living with demons, Eldonna was already accustom to being under the control of a powerful and paranoid being. She also knew how to subvert their wills ever so slightly.

Eldonna would raise Draeken according to his will, but implant within him a strong enough will to think for himself and foresight enough to observe all things around him. He would grow up know exactly who he was, and who his parents were, complete with all their flaws. She marginally regretted not raising him to be completely dedicated to her. Her day of vindication came when Draeken was finally given the position of bodyguard to his father, and he promptly declined and walked out the front door, but not before freeing his mother from captivity.

Eldonna has grown much since that time. She is no longer a succubus. She has in fact risen all the way to balor. She has not forgotten her son, whom she occasionally tempts. She knows the he would be a hard sell; She raised him that way. She hasn’t forgotten [] either, and she finds enjoyment from manipulating his schemes in subtle ways to guarantee failure on his part.


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