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This wiki page is built to be used as a quick reference guide when players need ‘character knowledge’ information. This page will contain people (NPC’s), places, items, and the like.


The Old Ones
Name Age Classification Location
Mother Gaia ??? Goddess Unknown
Calelustraz ??? God Unknown
Sucellustraz ??? God Unknown
The Dragon Aspects
Name Age Classification Location
Pyrphoros ??? God Unknown
Selinus ??? Goddess Unknown
Ondine ??? Goddess Unknown
Sylpharius ??? God Unknown
Megami’s Party
Name Age Classification Location
Megami Avarice 23 Anthro Feline; Monk Unknown
Erikson Amrun 25 Elf; Paladin Unknown
Arron Thüringer 22 Anthro Rabbit; Techie Unknown
Shaurya Tia’Jhol 22 Unknown Unknown
Corgell Murchadh 42 Anthro Canine; Berserker Unknown
Kyrian ‘Pepito’ Thol 28 Halfling; Bard Unknown
Eiona Swiftheart 27 Elf; Rogue Unknown
Banshee’s Party
Name Age Classification Location
Lorelei ‘Banshee’ Haldir 27 Dark Elf/Air Sylph; Bard Unknown
Draeken Laalidre 28 Dark Elf/Succubus; Unknown
Dannon Saeldur 22 Elf; Mage Unknown


House of Haldir (Elven Family)
Name Age Classification Location
Tirithon Haldir 48 Dark Elf; Lord Unknown
Lorelei ‘Banshee’ Haldir 27 Dark Elf/Air Sylph; Heiress Unknown
Dawn ‘Amrun’ Haldir 45 Dark Elf; Lady Unknown
Airelle ‘Eon’ Haldir 21 Air Sylph; Lady Unknown

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