Dragon Aspect of Earth

One of the four Dragon Aspects that watch over Earth and all it inhabitants. She represents nurture, material gain, fertility, vegetation, security, and feminine energy. It is said that she dwells deep in the forests of the North. Villages celebrate this Dragon Aspect during the Autumn Solstices as the majority of their crops have been harvested, readying their selves for winter to come. Villagers primarily make a lot of bread and ales during this season because it is the choice time to gather various types of grains, as they see any vegetation that comes from the Earth represents her and hold celebrations in her name.

Other titles and representations

  • Warden of the North
  • Celebrated Season: Autumn Solstice
  • Favored Guise: female Dwarf
  • Color Association: brown, and green
  • Crest: Tree of Life with roots entwining into a circle



Fursona Nefestous