Dragon Aspect of Air

One of the four Dragon Aspects that watch over Earth and all it inhabitants. He represents mind, intellect, consciousness, study, marriage, luck, masculine energy, communication and new beginnings. It is said that he dwells in the plains far in the East. Villages celebrate this Aspect during the Spring Solstices when the light has finally broken the darkness. Life to Earth comes back in all forms of evidence. Plants, animals, the weather. It’s the biggest celebration of the year, and popular for marriages and births, and where everyone starts anew with their lives, and replanting their crops.

Other titles and representations

  • Warden of the East
  • Celebrated Season: Spring Solstice
  • Favored Guise: Angel
  • Color Association: white, silver, light hues of blue, yellow
  • Crest: Bird (usually a Swallow) carrying a small branch will flower buds in it’s mouth



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